Metropolitan Police Department PSA 502 Community Meeting

Tonight is the monthly community meeting for PSA 502 which covers Brookland. With the recent uptake in robberies and burglaries it is a good venue to learn more about the current crime around Brookland.

The third Wednesday of every month 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Turkey Thicket Recreation Center
1100 Michigan Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20017

Come meet Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers and other members of your community at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of Police Service Area (PSA) 502. Neighborhood crime problems are identified and solutions discussed at PSA meetings.

Sponsor: Metropolitan Police Department, Fifth District

Learn more about the seven police districts
Contact: Lieutenant Edward Bernat
Phone: (202) 698-0275

When: Wednesday, November 16th 2011
Where: Turkey Thicket Recreation Center 1100 Michigan Avenue, NE
Time: 7:30PM-8:30PM

Turkey Thicket Recreation Center

MPD 5D Police Boundary Realignment

MPD has be working through its realignment and redistricting process for the city of the last number couple of months.

As part of this process the PSAs in and around Brookland will be changing a bit. MPD’s 5th District has been changed from a total of five PSAs to a total seven PSAs in the 5th District.

This should be a good thing in general by having have smaller districts to manage.

Boundary Realignment Study:

Below is the listing of Calls for Service and Crime Statistics for the current and realigned Fifth District PSA districts

501 29.55% 29.89%
502 11.56% 10.74%
503 8.33% 8.57%
504 35.06% 36.83%
505 15.50% 14.00%


501 10.75% 10.33%
502 14.15% 14.52%
503 9.60% 9.15%
504 11.73% 15.32%
505 18.85% 18.71%
506 16.04% 14.79%
507 17.79% 14.14

At a glance the major changes for Brookland and surrounding areas are PSA 502 with now be PSA 503 with a small sliver of what was previously 502 east of 20th Street and North of Rhode Island Avenue will now be in the new expanded PSA 504. PSA 504 now will be a combination of the previous PSA 504 and PSA 503. Lastly the former PSA 501 covering Edgewood and Eckington is now split into PSA 501 and PSA 502.

The biggest change to Brookland residents looks to be North of Michigan Avenue and West of 10th Street and South of Taylor Streets have been moved to the 4th District.

Those that were previously in PSA 501 and PSA 502 below Taylor Street and West of 10th Street will now be included as part the 4th District. This includes The Catholic University of America and the 10th Street shopping center that contained the Cardinal’s Nest.

This change seem a bit weird with this little piece of Brookland west of 10th and south of Taylor will now be part of the 4th District. So Streets like Perry Place will now be moved out of 5D.

Be sure to check on the MPD 2011 Police Boundary Realignment Plan including MPD 5D and MPD 4D plans for more information.

Redistricting MPD 5D Redistricting 4D