Gunshots Reported Today on Catholic University Campus

Reports came out earlier today that Gunshots were heard at 8:45am near John McCormack Road on the Catholic University campus. Emails were sent out to students about the incident at 11:12am. Staff and Faculty received the same email at about 11:30am, around the same time it was posted to CUA Safety First website at 11:25am.

The messages from CUA Department of Public Safety were basically the same and stated:

At 8:45 a.m. Friday, Nov. 5, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) was notified of the possible sound of gunshots on John McCormack Road. DPS and the Metropolitan Police Department responded to the area. The investigation determined that shots were fired from the area in front of Millennium North and South on John McCormack. The campus area was searched and no injured persons or suspects were located.

According to DPS, the possible suspect is a thin black male, wearing a white T-shirt with red and black lettering or images, gray sweat pants, and some type of gray hooded head garment.

There is no reason to believe that any members of the CUA community are involved in this alleged incident, DPS states. Also, there is no reason to believe the CUA community is in any danger, according to DPS. Please check the Safety First page for updated information.

Thomasine N. Johnson
Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management

CUA Tower has posted updated information about the incident including:

The earlier rumors that DPS apprehended a suspect “are absolutely not true,” said D.C. MPD Officer Charles Callis in a phone call to The Tower.

Students had earlier reported overhearing a DPS walkie-talkie communication that a suspect had been found and taken into custody.

“This is simply an incident where some person come onto John McCormick Road, fired some shots and ran off,” said Callis. “As far as we can tell, none of the bullets did any damage or hit anything.”

Some CUA students and staff were perplexed that it took more that 2 hours to report the incidents during a time where there is a lot of activity on the campus with folks going to and from class, work, and internships. The university’s text-alert system was not used, either was DC alerts. Also at about 12pm MPD DC police say they have not responded to any such reports

It seems like there was no immediate danger to students and staff, however it does seem strange that it took over 2 hours for folks to be notified.