Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association Meeting Saturday November 13th

Next Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association meeting is Saturday 11/13/2010

During this meeting, the BNCA will discuss the following topics:

  • Colonel Brooks’ Proposed Development — On Friday, November 5, 2010, a development team– 901 Monroe Street LLC–gave notice of its intent to file an application for a Planned Unit Development and zoning change for the property located along Monroe Street, NE between 9th and 10th Streets, NE and extending down 9th Street, NE to Lawrence Street, NE. The Colonel Brooks’ Tavern, a parking lot, and multiple single family residences are presently located on this property. 901 Monroe Street LLC proposes to replace these properties with a mixed use development that includes up to 230 apartment units and ground-floor retail space. Their notice of intent to file is the first step in the process towards gaining approval of the development plan from the DC Zoning Commission. We will discuss the status of this proposed development.

  • Proposed Up-Zoning Changes on 12th Street — A 12th Street property owner and the Brookland Community Development Corporation are urging the DC Council to adopt changes to the District’s Comprehensive Plan to upzone portions of 12th Street. BNCA is opposing these changes. (For more information about the proposed changes and BNCA’s response to them, see Click on “Development”.) We will discuss the status of these proposed changes.

  • DC Circulator Bus Planning Study — The District Department of Transportation is seeking public input on the future of the DC Circulator bus system. The DC Circulator bus system supplements Metro’s bus and rail system and connects many of the District’s neighborhood and activity centers. We will discuss how possible future expansion of the DC Circulator bus system can best serve the Brookland community.

  • Future of the Brookland Elementary School — The Brookland Elementary School on Michigan Avenue next to Turkey Thicket Recreation Center has sat vacant for several years. We will discuss possible future uses for the Brookland Elementary School and how possible future uses can best serve the community.

When: Saturday , November 13th, 2010
Where: Brooks Mansion 901 Newton Street, N.E.
Time: 10:00 AM


Brooks Mansion

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One thought on “Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association Meeting Saturday November 13th

  1. The Brookland Elementary School is ugly and blight on the community. Let’s tear it down now. Also, let’s make Michigan Liquors remove the sign next to the store. I’d like eveyone to boycott that store. They have bullet proof Plexiglas, so they don’t trust you. Screw those mfs!